Monday, June 27, 2011


This is my newest blog (my old one is on another site)... It's all about the things I've discovered how to cook over the years.

My name's Kim. Kaerondaes is my online nickname. I'm American, but I live in Asia and have for several years now. Since moving from my original home in the Midwest, I've had all sorts of fun (sometimes this drips with sarcasm) trying to cook things I grew up with, while being short on the proper ingredients, or not having proper tools/equipment/ovens/you name it.

It's been an adventure! My husband teaches English to adults, and many of them have asked me all about various cuisine and all about what I cook. So I've passed on a lot of recipes with a lot of caveats and advice for how to make things when they're not your "native" cuisine and when you're confronted with food you know... but have NO IDEA how to make it from scratch.

Let me start out by saying that when I first got married (thirteen years ago! whew!), I was an awful cook. Awful. My husband may say sweet things about me, but I think aside from homemade spaghetti sauce and noodles he's lucky he didn't die of poisoning.

My mom tried to teach me. She really did. She taught me a lot of the basics and had me take a Home Economics (read: cooking and cleaning) class in high school. And those were solid grounding... but from there on out it was an adventure. [Honestly, I love my mom, but also it doesn't help that she often forgets critical steps and ingredients on recipes. Like the time she e-mailed me a sugar cookie recipe that didn't tell me how much sugar to put in. Hrm.]

So a lot of my cooking knowledge comes from a mixture of books, the Internet (thank you!), and the... um... school of hard knocks/near poisoning. It's an addled mess... but a USEFUL one.

My recipes are now a crazy mess of what I consider "traditional American", lots of European stuff, and lots of Asian stuff. I especially love Japanese food... and I have a really good basic Japanese cookbook.

Anyway, I'll put more in another post. To Be Continued...

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